Challenging the status-quo

Andrei is constantly looking after disruptive ideas and creative corners, new challenges and smart opportunities.

That's how, in 2018, he joined a strong local entrepreneurial project, from pharma industry, after more than ten years spent in corporate world.​ As Board Member, he challenged the status-quo, opened new horizons and empowered his peers and his team to build a sustainable growth.

He is a true game changer, and a creative problem solver, having the ability to see issues from a strategic perspective, looking broadly at a situation and proposing recommendations that are holistic and which would target the root cause of issues. His vision, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, generated double-digit market share growth for top FMCG brands, new revenue streams through brand construction and topline doubling for entrepreneurial companies.

Out of a passion for continuous learning, in 2022 he graduated from Harvard Business School's Disruptive Strategy course, taught by renowned Professor Clayton Christensen.


For three years member in Leadership Team of an important FMCG company, one year CEO for an entrepreneurial project and three and a half years Board Member in a strong Healthcare company

Effective Teams Builder

In the last 10+ years, Andrei inspired teams up to 110 people to mix different business principles, from KISS to OKR, in order to effectively achieve their KPIs

Passion for Brands

Nurtured the growth for more than 15 international and national brands and coordinated the development of a new healthcare brand from scratch

Here's what people say

"Andrei is a true force in business, with incredible energy and power to lead people into challenges. Armed with bursting creativity and very diverse and rich business knowledge, he is a champion of innovation and change."

- Cristina Patesan, Business Unit Director, Secom Healthcare

"Andrei is a high caliber strategic thinker driven by amazing emotional intelligence mixed with down to earth professionalism. A real pleasure and a constant learning & discovery experience while working with Andrei!"

- Calin Clej, Marketing Director&Sr. Commercial Lead

"Andrei is very creative when it comes to developing business plans and solving problems. Last, but not least, he has a great attitude, influencing everybody around him to be positive and increase performance."

- Valentin Bancu, Associate Partner, McKinsey&Company

"Andrei is a true professional, business-driven, results-focused and details-oriented. With experience in managing complex initiatives and large teams, with business acumen across various industries, Andrei is a want-to-have asset for any business."

- Cristina Radu, Head of Marketing, Prodal 94